Being trader I always look for strategies to add to my portfolio to diversify and have smooth equity curve. I worked with several Indian programmers but never reached my expectation of realistic portfolio management techniques, optimization of the system for different market condition, consultation to make good system better. Matt provided me with all of the above. His experience in coding your logics, Amibroker, backtesting and optimization is commendable. He also consult me to make sure that my systems are as realistic as possible when I trade the systems live. Initially I was sceptical that our different time zone will not lead the desired result but Matt understood the concepts(even complicated ones too) very easily and coded and provided the results at fastest turnaround time possible. He keeps on helping me with how I can bring some new filters or condition to make the system better. I can summarise his consultation fees as “Value for Money”. I advocate every new enthusiastic programme trader, experienced traders to work with him to see how he can help your system make better return.

Vishal Mehta, CMT & Trader (Mumbai, India)