We had coded a stock-trading strategy in AmiBroker (AB) using an easy high-level approach. Although our code was functional, eventually we realized that there were too many differences between the code and our actual trading, and that our code was not strictly tradeable. We had hit a wall and did not have the experience or skills to improve the code any more.

We asked Matt if he could improve our code to make it work seamlessly, as we were spending too much time doing multiple backtests. Because the strategy was complex, Matt initiated a Skype conversation with us so he could understand the scope of what we wanted. Matt then came up with a unique, elegant solution of several codes that were a major overhaul of our code, but were far better, and were easy to use.

Matt supplied the custom backtesting code solutions in just a few days. We were amazed at how Matt could put together multiple complex codes with so few errors, and then troubleshoot them very rapidly, if needed. In the first month of trading using the new codes, our profit was +8%.

In summary, Matt saw the big picture that we didn’t, and offered a better solution than what we could imagine. His extensive knowledge of AmiBroker and custom backtesting allowed him to match the code to our actual trading. He is very fast and accurate, and has reasonable rates. He has provided plenty of post-purchase customer support with any questions we have had. We are more than satisfied with the solution and Matt’s professionalism, and highly recommend his services. We would be delighted to work with him again for either helping with coding or being coached in AB.

Kirk D. and David P.