I’ve worked with Matt for about 3 years, going back to the Connors Research Chairman’s Club. When he first got my attention was two Amibroker training courses he taught. Starting from zero knowledge of Amibroker, by the end of these courses, I was empowered to be able to code and conduct portfolio-level backtests of a wide range of mean reversion strategies. This was absolutely one of the best investments in my trading skills I ever made. Wanting to go further, I followed up with Matt several times for personal consulting and he was able to help me with implementing scale-in trades through the low level CBT in portfolio level backtesting and outputting results on a monthly basis to Excel. Not only did he help me with the actual code, he also provided a detailed understanding of how it worked that enabled me to build upon it further. Overall, Matt has been a great person to work with, he is a fantastic teacher and very committed to delivering value to his clients.

K. Webb