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We frequently get asked about ‘getting started in trading’.  The truth is, it’s a long journey, don’t believe the hype (and certainly don’t pay for any of it until you know what you’re doing), but you do need to start somewhere and it’s a big head-start if you can go directly to resources that represent genuine value.  Start poking around the links here, make a start and see if you uncover a real passion.  You’re going to need that.


I think I’m with the 99% of other traders out there who can’t help but mention the Market Wizards books first and foremost. Hearing individual’s actual stories gives me the most food for thought (which is also why I love podcast interviews more than anything these days). The two simplest collections of great, up-to-date trading books on the market are easily found on the websites of two trading podcasts in fact. So simply take a look at the books suggested by all of the interviewees on these podcasts:

Just Getting Started

If you’re really just getting started and you need to learn the basics of charting & technical analysis:

  • StockCharts ChartSchool is an “extensive educational resource for investors of all levels.  Here you can learn everything there is to know about investing and the analysis of financial charts”

Then there are individual educators who are no-hype, thoughtful and practical, depending on your trading style (not focussed on systematic trading though). I’m including some “mindset” material here:

However, as I mentioned, I think the best way to begin, and then to keep learning and keep up to date, is to play trading and investing podcasts while you’re at the gym, in the car, on your bike or at your desk! There’s so much to learn here (so I’m just going to list a bunch!):


Other Useful Tools & Resources

Trading Forums

“Once you stop learning, you start dying”

Albert Einstein

The World of Algo-Licensing / Funding

News & Economic Calendars

Charting Software

Strategy Development Software

Clearly there’s a lot to choose from there, enjoy!

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