Great Web Resources

Below is a list of web sites that I visit frequently as well as other useful resources. Check them out!

AmiBroker & Data

The Official AmiBroker Site is the place to go to purchase AmiBroker and related tools, search the knowledgebase, and browse the code library.

The AmiBroker Community Forum is a great place to ask questions, get help from AmiBroker power users, and download free code.

Alvarez Quant Trading contains blog posts, strategy research, AmiBroker courses from multiple instructors including QFH’s own Matt Radtke, and other AmiBroker goodies from quant superstar Cesar Alvarez.

Norgate Data is the EOD data provider of choice for US and Australian market data. They provide high quality data, the ability to choose how to adjust prices for splits and dividends, historical index constituency (an absolute must for bias-free backtesting), and much more. Excellent integration with AmiBroker  and a very responsive team round out the picture.


The Crew is Cesar Alvarez’s trading community that includes active discussion forums, a strategy vault, trader’s college, and access to the signals from his Tranquility Trading strategies. Access requires a paid subscription.

The AmiBroker Canada User Group is a free community open to traders around the world. Their mission is: “to network and share ideas, help support our members with coding challenges and provide education geared to assisting members improve their AmiBroker knowledge, specific uses, implementation and applications of the software functionality and coding skills.  This all takes place at our regular monthly meetings, which take place on the 1st Tuesday of each calendar month.” Be sure to check the list of upcoming guest speakers, as host Dave DiMarcantonio always has a strong lineup!

Trading Research & Signals

Quant Alpha TECH puts institutional-grade algorithmic trading within reach of many retail traders. Check out their Performance page for some truly eye-opening results!

Decoding Markets, formerly, is Joe Marwood’s site that includes insightful blog posts, training, and much more.

Quantifiable Edges is home to Rob Hanna’s blog, market observations, training courses, and trading signals. Rob is a long-time student of the market, and he has been publishing quantified research since 2008.

CMLViz bills itself as a competitor to Yahoo Finance, but what really makes them intriguing is the CML TradeMachine, a tool that allows option traders to backtest various strategies around earnings and other events.


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