Strategy & Software Development

* Quantitative / automated trading strategy development
* Back-testing & statistical analysis
* Strategy types: mean-reversion, momentum, trend-following, rotational, etc.
* Position sizing: fixed, percentage of equity, risk parity, volatility-based, many others
* Stocks, ETF's, Futures, FX, Options
* Scanning & signal generation
* AmiBroker & AFL training
* API integration: Interactive Brokers, IG, other brokers and data providers

Experience. Value. Integrity.

Welcome to Quant for Hire! Our focus is on helping individual traders and small firms create, test, and improve their quantified stock market trading systems. We provide exceptional value not only by leveraging over 30 years of software development experience and more than a decade of working on algorithmic trading strategies, but also by forging productive partnerships based on mutual trust and clear & frequent communication. Check out our client testimonials to see the kind of enthusiasm we generate.

Our tool of choice for testing market strategies is AmiBroker. It’s powerful and flexible yet reasonably priced, and works well with data from a variety of sources. One excellent source for End-of-Day stock, ETF, futures and forex data is Norgate Data. They provide high-quality data, are very responsive to customer requests, and have a fantastic integration with AmiBroker. Feel free to contact us for more details.

The Process is Simple


Getting in Touch

Whether you’re brand new to the idea of quantitative trading strategies or you already have multiple systems deployed with real capital, it’s never too early to reach out for a chat. Use our contact form or send us an email and we’ll usually get back to you within 1-2 business days.


An Agile Approach

Tell us what you’re thinking, and then expect us to ask questions. The more complex your project, the more questions we’re likely to have, because sucess is dependent on us truly understanding your goals. Maybe you just need a little help getting past a technical hurdle, or maybe you want us to create everything you need from scratch, but either way we’re here to help.


Project Management

Once we have the specifications right, we work with the greatest care to build it right the first time, and pride ourselves on our efficiency. Project durations range from days to months, but regardless of the scope of your project we’ll be there to provide what you need from both technical and non-technical perspectives. Project milestones will be clearly communicated so you never need to wonder when something will be done or how much it will cost.

Should You Automate Your Trading?

Most traders start their journey as discretionary traders, and many never completely give up at least some element of discretion in their trading. Becoming a consistently profitable discretionary trader is difficult because the trader’s beliefs, biases, and emotions get in the way of making good decisions.

The next stage of the trader’s journey is often to create a set of quantified rules for entering, exiting, and managing trades. This is often referred to as algorithmic or systematic trading. It is crucial to backtest quantified strategies without over-optimizing (curve fitting) and to carefully analyze the results. While backtested performance will never predict future performance precisely, it provides valuable guidance about what to expect.

Automating a trading strategy eliminates emotion and other human biases completely and also provides the trader with the opportunity to spend more time on other activities. There are a variety of ways to automate a strategy, but before you take the leap make sure you have confidence in the system being automated. Letting the computer execute bad trades is just as bad as executing them yourself!

For those interested in automated trading using a “tried and true” algorithmic system, QFH is actively engaged with Quant Alpha TECH. Check out their unique take on quant trading.


Technical expertise is a key ingredient for building robust software applications and reliable trading strategies. However, creating great solutions requires much more than the ability to write code. It begins with a clear understanding of requirements and goals, and continues through design, development, testing, and refinement of the solution. The common thread throughout is regular two-way communication to insure that we create the right solution for you.

My goal is to create lasting relationships with clients. Relationships built on trust. Relationships that deliver value. And most importantly, relationships that are mutually beneficial. I never want you to feel that you’re being “held hostage” because I haven’t shared source code, or because what I’ve written is so complex that you can’t have anyone else work on it. I don’t expect everyone to be a programmer, but I’m always willing to explain the project deliverables in as much or as little detail as you want. I’ll even train you or your in-house expert on how to maintain your solution over time.

Matt Radtke has spent over 30 years as a software engineer, including 10 years designing, implementing and testing custom software solutions for banks, insurance companies, trading outfits and other Fortune 500 firms. These customers require applications implemented to their exact specifications, with zero tolerance for errors.  He has also actively traded stocks, ETFs, and options since 2008, with occasional forays into futures and forex.

Matt has built & tested trading models for clients from around the globe and has the unique capability to marry development skill with a deep knowledge of markets and market infrastructure. Matt is an avid traveler and loves scuba diving.

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